Friday, 11 December 2015

Shiloh by GJ Walker-Smith

Shiloh (Wishes, #6)
*** Standalone Novel***

Here’s what I know about Shiloh Jenson:
She is up to no good. 
Every word out of her mouth is a lie. 
And I'm madly in love with her. 

The call of the sea had always been deafening for Mitchell Tate, which is why Kaimte, a small coastal town in West Africa, was the perfect place for him.

Brilliant surf conditions conjured up by the South Atlantic Ocean was the drawcard, and the laid-back lifestyle suited him to a tee. 

But even paradise has a dark side. 
When fellow Australian Shiloh Jenson arrives in town, his eyes are opened to a much seedier side of village life. 

Shiloh has a hidden agenda, and whether he likes it or not, Mitchell is along for the ride.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Over the time I've been reading her books, I've come to adore GJ Walker-Smith's characters and writing style. When we first met Mitchell as a side character in Saving Wishes I knew he was going to be one to steal a little place in my heart. I've waiting rather impatiently for more from him and it was so worth the wait.

Even though we met Mitchell in a previous book this book can be read as a standalone, I can't guarantee you won't be left wanting more of GJ Walker-Smith's heart touching writing and feel the need to go back and read the earlier books of the series.

Shiloh is a kick arse female and I love strong female characters. In fact I'm thinking my New Years resolution will be - to be kick arse like Shiloh.

This book had heaps of suspense and actually had me guessing right to the end, which is not easily done as I often find Who-Dun-It's predictable.

I don't know what GJ Walker-Smith plans to write next but I do know I'll be first in line to buy it.

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