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Review: Silver Dawn (Wishes Series #4.5) by GJ Walker-Smith

Silver Dawn (Wishes Series #4.5)Silver Dawn by G.J. Walker-Smith
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After five long years of waiting, Gabrielle and Alex’s most longed-for wish is about to come true. Their baby son is due any day, and Gabi has everything planned down the last detail.

Alex has never been one for making plans. He’s a firm believer in fate, trusting that on any given day, things are exactly how they’re supposed to be.

When Gabrielle’s plans go awry at the last minute, both are thrown for a loop. Trying to hold his family together soon takes a toll on Alex. When his once unbreakable connection to Gabrielle begins to slip, his faith in fate is stretched to the limit.

Charli has been waiting to meet her baby brother for months. When the call finally comes, she jumps on the first flight out of New York and heads home for a surprise visit.
Little does she know, her treasured family is at breaking point.
Bonding with her brother comes easily. Maintaining the tight bond she’s always shared with her father is harder to do.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

GJ captured my heart with these characters over a year ago when I read the first book in this series, Saving Wishes. I have waited anxiously for each new release and she never disappoints me.

I adore Alex, he is a true gent with a heart of gold. There is nothing he wouldn't do for the ones he loves. I was so happy to be back when I heard we were getting more Alex and Gabi.


During this novella Alex's faith in the magic he taught Charli over the years fails him when he needs it most.


Charli arrives back where it all started ready to meet her little brother but she gets more than
she bargained for, she has to hold Alex together. Like he has done for her many times over the years.


I have always felt loved the relationship between Charli and Alex. The reversal of roles to a degree make it all the more beautiful in this book. Alex really struggles in this book, he's no longer the down to earth Aussie surfer, he's an emotional mess.

This novella had me in tears numerous times, sad and happy tears. I love the magic GJ weaves into her books, she is one of those rare gem's of an author, that once you find her books you will never want to miss them.

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