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Aimz Top 13 of 2013!

I was initially doing a top 10 list but having read 250 books in 2013 it was so hard narrowing it down to 10. I managed to get it down to 13 which I feel fits perfect since it's 2013 we are talking about after all. Narrowing down was one hurdle, choosing the order was even harder.

My top 13 from 2013. 

The books in the list didn't necessarily release in 2013, they are books I read in 2013.

Falling for the Ghost of You
by Nicole Christie

“We stand there, knee deep in the water, holding hands. The silence is thunderous with words we don't speak. I feel his presence beside me like it's an extension of my own body, tall and strong and so, so beautiful. But I can't look at him. Right now, it hurts too damn much.” ― Violet

“I'm Violet," I growl. "I thought I lost something this summer, but I just realized, I never needed it."
Total silence.
Then someone mutters, "Is she talking about her virginity?"
In retrospect, I realize I could have worded that better.” ― Violet

This fabulous romantic read had me laughing out loud so much that I was crying. 

Mobster's Girl (Mobster #1)
by Amy Rachielle

“Most people only want to be my friend because they don't want to be my enemy.” - Antonio

Mobster's Girl was a refreshing change from all the rocker or biker books that were floating around this year. I had never thought about reading a Mafia based book before. I picked this up as a freebie and loved every second of it. I loved it so much, that the second I finished it, I 1-clicked the next in the series.  

In Too Deep (Others of Edenton #1) 
by Brandy L. Rivers

"Since the night you saved my ass, I've been falling. Being with you just feels natural. When you aren't with me, I feel emptier. Trust me...." - Brody

Brandy's characters are fabulous, after reading In Too Deep I decided Fallon was my favourite, I didn't know how she would top her. She has proved me wrong with every book of hers I have read. I just love the whole Gang in Edenton, so much so, that I would love to go and live there.  

Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack series #1)
by Suzanne Wright

“Just give me a second. Attempting to give a fuck...Attempting harder to give a fuck...Sorry, there was an error; fuck not given.” 
― Taryn

“Hey, I have a suggestion, why not put a condom over your head – if you’re going to act like a complete dick then it makes sense to dress like one.”
― Taryn

This series is brilliant, so funny. I love Taryn, she has such a quick witty mouth. The guys are all smoking hot. Suzanne writes fantastic stories, I have read a few of her books now and really enjoyed them all. 


Painted Faces
by L. H. Cosway

“I might not have a boyfriend, but I have cupcakes, an those tasty bastards haven't let me down yet.” 
― Fred

“We all paint on a face to show the world," Nicholas replies philosophically. "For some of us, that's quite literal.” 
- Nicholas

Killing Sarai (In the Company of Killers #1)
by J. D. Redmerski

“This goes against everything that I am, Sarai," he says and then kisses me. "No, it doesn't," I whisper and kiss him back. "It's you becoming more of who you really are.” 


Undeniable (Undeniable #1)
by Madeline Sheehan

“There are weak men; men who run and hide when life slaps them in the ass. Then there are men; men who have a backbone yet occasionally, when life slaps them in the ass, will rely on others. And then there are real men; men who don’t cry or complain, who don’t just have a backbone, they are the backbone. Men who make their own decisions and live with the consequences, who accept responsibility for their actions or words. Men who, when life slaps them in the ass, slap back and move on. Men who live hard and die even harder.
Men like my father and my uncles. Men I loved with all my heart.
Men like Deuce.” ― Eva

“Because baby, I'm wild pussy and wild pussy can't be bought. Wild pussy doesn't like having pretty things thrown at it and being expected to do the samba on someone's cock in return. Wild pussy doesn't do deals. Wild pussy lives free and for itself and takes it however it likes it; on a bed, on a couch, on the hood of a car, in a bathroom stall or up against a wall in an alleyway and it laughs the entire time. I've known you for a while now Chase. I know you've never had wild pussy and I know you never will. Wild pussy doesn't fuck uptight cock. And it sure as hell doesn't like silk boxers” 
― Eva

Undeniable is like Sons of Anarchy in book from, it is amazing. Extremely addicting. It feels so real you will be looking for Deuce and his horseman every time a bike drives past you. 

by Colleen Hoover

“The sky is always beautiful.Even when it's dark or rainy or cloudy,it's still beautiful to look'll be there no matter what...and I know it'll always be beautiful.” ― Sky

“I want you to keep them open...because I need you to watch me give you the very last piece of my heart.” ― Holder

My emotions were so scrambled after reading this one, I didn't know how to feel about it. It's beautiful and heartwarming, yet equally disturbing and heart wrenching.

Taking Chances
by Molly McAdams

“People fall in and out of love all the time, and sometimes people have numerous loves throughout their lives. But you have two epic loves and no matter who you were with, I don’t think you’d ever get over or forget the other.” ― Bree

“That first night, I did realize I would never meet another girl like you. But you deserve someone who has waited for you as long as you have waited for them. And no matter how much I wish I could be that guy, I can't Harper.” ― Chase

This book makes me cry just thinking about it. Taking Chances will tear your heart to shreds. You will hate Molly McAdams for writing it, but you will also love her too. It is so worth the tears, just make sure you are not in public when you pick this up and a good supply of tissues is a must.

Finding You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark #1) 
by A. Meredith Walters

“I have learned that sometimes "sorry" is not enough. Sometimes you actually have to change.” ― Chay

"Sometimes love can't make everything better, and the best thing for everyone is to walk away. No matter how much it may hurt." 
- Maggie's Mum

A. Meredith Walters has to have been touched by depression and bi-polar at some point in her life, whether it being her or a loved one who suffered with it, it doesn't matter she is spot on with everything. I have been effected by these diseases and I was so touched by how true to life and honest this story was. 

Stars & Stripes (Cut & Run #6)
Abigail Roux

“So, Mr. Grady, how did you find yourself in the FBI?” (…) 
Ty gave her a charming smile. “The Marines didn’t want me, and it’s hard to find a job where you can shoot things without getting arrested.” ― Ty

“I want you to put 'He didn't want to ride the damn horse' on my tombstone.” 
― Ty

This is a fantastic FBI series. It is gay romance but don't let that put you off. Ty and Zane have the best partnership, their banter is hilarious. The first book is Cut & Run, I honestly loved this instalment so much that I gave it 6 stars. 

The Locker Room
by Amy Lane

“....and his head and shoulders were on the bed next to the boy who had captured his heart like cupped hands would capture a butterfly, and had never, ever clutched him too tight and never let him go.” 
― Xander

“Because it’s you and basketball, Christian. Only one of you can break my heart.” 
― Xander

This is THE most beautiful love story I have ever read. Forget that it is two men, you don't need to be hung up on that. Give this book a chance and you will feel that love and know where I am coming from. 

Now for the top spot....

Saving Wishes (Wishes Series #1) 
by G. J. Walker-Smith

“Every picture ever taken is a fraction of a second, frozen in time forever.” - Charli

Once you read GJ's books she will ruin you for all other authors, her writing style sets such high standard. After you have been introduced to LaLa-land you will never be able to forget it, you will be left looking for all the little fairy myths behind everything you look at. 
Because G. J. Walker got the honours of the number one spot here are the cover and some quotes from her other books in the Wishes Series.

Second Hearts (Wishes Series #2) 

“I had traveled a thousand miles from home but hadn’t moved an inch.” –Charli

“No one ever gets tired of loving someone, Adam. They just get tired of waiting and being disappointed and getting hurt.” – Charli

“We weren’t giving up. We were just letting go for a while.” – Charli

Sand Jewels (Wishes Series #2.5) 

This short story is set before, and during Saving Wishes, but I believe it should still be read after the first two, because that way you know the characters and stories arc when you pick it up.

"He lightly pressed his warm lips to mine. "You told me that art is beauty. You're my beauty and I love you." ~ Alex 

“I hated his cockiness. The reason he got away with it wasn’t complicated. Alex Blake was simply a stunning looking man. I usually favoured well-put together men who put effort into their appearance. My last boyfriend used to spend more time in front of the bathroom mirror than I did. He was perfect, except for the fact that he also used to spend more time in other women’s beds than mine.
I wasn’t sure Alex even had a bathroom mirror. His floppy sandy hair was in a constant messy state and I’d only seen him clean-shaven a handful of times – and there was something incredibly sexy about it.” ~ Gabi

Storm Shells (Wishes Series #3)

“Charli’s stories hadn’t damaged me. They’d captivated and enchanted me.” – Adam

“Everything ended today,” she whispered. “You’re never going to change, Adam. You’re never going to be able to give me what I want, no matter how much you love me.” – Charli

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