Saturday, 28 August 2010

True Blood Season 3: Almost at an end.

 It only feels like yesterday that I was getting so excited that Season 3 was starting (in less then 24 hours). I cant believe we are waiting for the last 2 episodes already. Below is a teaser of whats coming up in the last 2 episodes.

         ********** May be SPOILER'S if you haven't read the books  **********

I started with the books and although Alan Ball has made some changes he seems to be sticking with them where it is important, until now. I am a huge fan of Eric whilst reading and watching the show.

The last episode (#10: I smell a rat.) has got me worried about where Alan is taking Eric and even Pam. I just hope I am wrong. I will have to re-read the book just to make sure I am remembering it wrong, but I don't believe Eric would be so harsh to chain Sookie up and us her. Although its not until 'Dead to the world' (book 4) that things really happen between Eric and Sookie when he gets amnesia. I still don't think he would be so bad.

Maybe Alan is just making us get worried and is going to twist it all round for the good in the end. Perhaps Eric is just chaining Sookie up to keep her there knowing to well she won't do as she is told. Sookie does what Sookie wants. Although the trailer above has a few more scenes that look worrying too.

Perhaps I am just over analysing it all. After all we can only wait and see. :)

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HungryVampire said...

I think Alan brought out that fact that Sookie was part "faerie" too soon.

Up until book 4, Eric would have/could have done anything to keep Sookie as his own. If I recall, I think he even mentioned it ...

However, as you recall, Sookie promised Eric that as long as he didn't kill, she would help him.

Like you, I hope that Alan doesn't get too carried away. This would be bad.